Unexpected Job Search Steers Military Spouse Toward Hiring Our Heroes

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When Alexis Arizzi found Hiring Our Heroes, she plunged in headfirst.

“I took advantage of every resource offered by Hiring Our Heroes. I attended Amplify and I enrolled in Career Forward. [Then] I signed up for a fellowship,” she said.

Thus, Arizzi can’t attribute her recent professional success to just one HOH program. She associates her success to a 360-degree approach.

“Every piece played a part in getting me to where I am today,” she said. “If I hadn’t found Hiring Our Heroes and landed where I did, I would likely still be looking for a job. I wouldn’t have found my dream job.”

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Arizzi now works as a senior marketing manager in employer branding at T-Mobile. When she talks about T-Mobile, Arizzi swells with pride.

“I’m proud to work for a company that supports military spouses and puts so much value on the specific skill sets veterans and military spouses bring to the table. T-Mobile doesn’t support with just their words; they back up what they do,” Arizzi said. “It makes my heart happy.”

I Quickly Shifted My Career Search to Hiring Our Heroes

Arizzi didn’t know about Hiring Our Heroes until she needed help.

“I had unexpectedly lost my job in the massive tech layoffs and was seeking all the resources I could find. A fellow military spouse told me about Hiring Our Heroes,” she said.

The “breadth of support and services available to military spouses” through Hiring Our Heroes impressed Arizzi.

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Her first stop was Amplify, a two-day workshop tailored to military spouses. During the virtual event, Arizzi networked with military spouses and employers. Lacey Craig, a senior program manager in military and diversity recruiting at T-Mobile, was among her connections.

“Lacey spoke very highly of the company and how supportive T-Mobile is to military spouses,” Arizzi said. “I thought, T-Mobile ‘looks like a great place to work.’ Before Amplify, I hadn’t considered [a career at] T-Mobile.”

T-Mobile Sets the Bar for Military Spouse Employment

After Amplify, Arizzi and Craig talked about employment opportunities at T-Mobile. Craig proposed the option of being a fellow at T-Mobile through Hiring Our Heroes’ Military Spouse Fellowship Program (MSFP).

Employment is the goal, but it’s not guaranteed for MSFP fellows. Arizzi agonized over her decision.

“With T-Mobile, I knew there are opportunities to grow, and I saw so many benefits of working there,” she said. “I had a good feeling about T-Mobile, and I really wanted to keep my eye on the prize.”

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Three months later, T-Mobile hired her on a long-term contract.

“Looking back, that layoff was the best thing that happened to me in a decade,” Arizzi said. “It was a challenging six months, but I have arrived. I found T-Mobile, a company I’m hoping to retire from.”

Looking back, that layoff was the best thing that happened to me in a decade.

Alexis Arizzi, military spouse

Arizzi gained more than employment thanks to Hiring Our Heroes. She has begun to work on a Google Career Certificate in Data Analytics through Career Forward. It’s a learner-to-earner program offered through Hiring Our Heroes. Military spouses and veterans can gain industry-recognized skills in cybersecurity, data analytics, digital marketing, IT support, and project management.

“Prior to this journey, I had no idea there was a helpful and supportive network for military spouses in terms of career growth,” Arizzi said. “Companies like T-Mobile set the bar for military hiring, and I hope other companies start paying attention. Veterans and spouses bring tremendous value to the workforce.”

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Hiring Our Heroes Has Something For You

Arizzi wishes she had known about HOH before her layoff. But she’s grateful for her friend’s advice and encouragement during a challenging time.

“Even if you aren’t ready for a fellowship, Hiring Our Heroes has many programs to support your career growth,” she said. “If you’re not ready for fellowship, then do Career Forward. If you’re not ready for Career Forward, start networking at Amplify. Just get started and keep moving toward your goals.”

Don’t wait until an unexpected job search to connect with Hiring Our Heroes. Whether you’re looking for expert guidance to boost your career or want to grow your professional network, Hiring Our Heroes has a program for you. Explore our workshops, programs, and virtual resources at HiringOurHeroes.org.

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