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Hiring Our Heroes offers an innovative suite of digital tools for veterans, service members, military spouses, and employers.


Our digital tools include distinct resume builders for veterans and transitioning service members as well as military spouses; an interactive employer best practices site; and a digital research tool that connects service members and veterans with the resources they need to navigate their military-to-civilian transition.

Tools include Career Spark, MilSpouse Roadmap, Resume Engine, Employer Roadmap, and Vet Roadmap.

Digital Tools
Career Spark
Fact: Resumes Can Write Themselves. Career Spark is a skills-based resume builder built by military spouses for military spouses. As a military spouse, your career path may not have been linear, but your unique combination of work and volunteer experience is valuable to employers.
User visiting the Career Spark web page on a laptop.
Digital Tools
MilSpouse Roadmap
There are nearly 980,000 military spouses, and each one is on a career journey as unique as their fingerprints. This roadmap marks the milestones, opportunities, and crossroads military spouses experience in their journeys and is a graphic representation to support them while informing and educating employers, policymakers and stakeholders about their experiences. Built with input from more than 1,500 military spouses like you, the MilSpouse Roadmap outlines three common military spouse career journeys:
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • Remote work
  • Reskilling and upskilling
User on a laptop looking at MilSpouseRoadmap website.
Digital Tools
Resume Engine
Resume translator and builder for veterans and transitioning service members. Translate your military experience into a powerful resume civilian employers can understand.
  • Input your military experience
  • Get a civilian translation of the skills you gained in the military
  • Download your resume & make it searchable to thousands of employers
Man wearing glasses visiting the Resume Engine website on a laptop.
Digital Tools
Employer Roadmap
Make the transition from veteran friendly to veteran ready. We’ve created and compiled the best resources for hiring veterans and organized them in three categories:
  • Prepare
  • Recruit
  • Empower
Employer Roadmap website showing on a laptop.
Digital Tools
Vet Roadmap
The VET Roadmap breaks the military to civilian transition process into three simple actions, helps a veteran navigate the transition process which is continuous, and identifies best-in-class resources.
User looking at the Vet Roadmap website on a tablet.