You’re Getting a Maserati; Here’s How You Drive It

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Join Dakota Meyer from Camp Pendleton in California as he talks with Steve Janke, statewide veterans field representative at Wisconsin’s Department of Veterans Affairs, about the role state and local governments can play in veteran employment and the larger military community. Learn more about how the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs is working on behalf of Wisconsin’s veteran community on its website.


We understand that [transitioning] is the single biggest step that a service member is taking since they signed on the dotted line in that recruiter’s office. This is the first time that they’re truly making a decision that effects their lives. They need to understand that there are people there to support them in that company, in that community, in that state that say, ‘Do you know what? We value you and we understand your values that you learned in the military and we support your decision.’ In Wisconsin, we have great employers, but we also have a robust structure of support.” -Steve Janke


Top Takeaways from You’re Getting a Maserati; Here’s How You Drive It


1. Wisconsin is ensuring businesses are not only “veteran-ready” but also understand the value and contributions of veterans in the workforce.

“We want employers to know they’re getting a Maserati and this is how you drive it.” – Steve Janke


2. The veteran employment space is being empowered by organizations (and entire states) working together.

We really want to build that network of contacts so when service members and their family members come, they know they’re supported at every level…We’re collaborating with Hiring Our Heroes to make sure every veteran leaves service with a job offer in Wisconsin that wants it.” – Steve Janke


3. Finding the right culture in the workplace matters to transitioning veterans, but the overall experience is important, too.

“You can work anywhere, but you can truly live in Wisconsin.” – Steve Janke


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