We’re All In the Same Boat

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Join Dakota Meyer and co-host Liz O’Brien as they sit down at Facebook HQ with Anna Christen from HOH and Adrienne Sherk from Team RWB as they share their experiences as military spouses, veterans, and their transition from active service to civilian careers. Learn more about the impact Team RWB and Hiring Our Heroes are making across the country by visiting their websites.



“The call to serve doesn’t die with the end of your military service…Once you serve, I think you always want to find a way to continue that service.” -Anna Christen


Top Takeaways from We’re All In the Same Boat



Collaboration within the military community is necessary to ensure veterans and their spouses have the best opportunities.

“Sharing is caring in the veteran space. I’m a believer that we should be sharing resources, sharing information across all our networks and all of our social media outlets…We need to provide our veterans with as many opportunities as possible, but sharing those messages is [important] because we all want the same thing. We want our veterans and military spouses to have enriched lives.” -Adrienne Sherk


Those who have served in the military have an innate call to service that does not disappear when one’s military service concludes.

“I got out of the military and had to figure out what I wanted to do and what I was passionate about. I didn’t really know. I really loved serving. I came from a family of civil servants, and so I think that was instilled in me. When I tried my hand in the corporate world, I enjoyed it, but wasn’t passionate about it. I wasn’t thrilled going to work every single day, and so I kind of knew there was something missing. So I needed a change, professionally.” -Adrienne Sherk


Playing sports teaches you everyone has a unique, important role to play.

“In any situation, but sports in particular, you have an opportunity to really evaluate yourself, and how you can have an impact no matter what role you play.” -Adrienne Sherk


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