We Have Failed at Retirement

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Join Dakota Meyer as he sits down with former First Lady of the Marine Corps, fellow HOH Personal Branding Ambassador, and “mom” Mrs. Bonnie Amos. Learn more about the Amos’s career transition story, how they’ve collectively failed to actually retire, and their strategies for finding “our people” in retirement.


We Have Failed at Retirement

1. Seventeen years into America’s longest-running war, today’s military spouses are being recognized for personal strengths that carry over as professional attributes.

“Wow, these are some pretty strong people. They’ve got strong ideas, strong opinions, they organize well. They can make things happen, bring people together and unify. They can be solid and hold their children together. They can get through some really tragic times together and still do really, really well not only on the home front but also in the public front.” –Bonnie Amos

2. Empowering others to succeed is a way of life for those in the military community.

“I’d like to really specifically look at when we started in Iraq and then into Afghanistan and all of those deployments. It was there for me that probably for the first time I had a strong desire, a need, a real need to push information to those younger spouses, to people who had not been through anything like this before who needed information. Information is power. It gives us strength if we know what is going on…It was a driving force for me that my spouses knew what was going on.” –Bonnie Amos

3. The service member isn’t the only one who serves.

“Serving our country is really a family business.” – Dakota Meyer

4. The military community has a unique bond.

“The military presents a very unique bond. When you suffer together, when you cry together, when you bleed together, when you hurt together, when you laugh together at the successes, it’s a very deep dynamic. It’s a very unique dynamic that we cultivate in our military friendships.”– Bonnie Amos

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