Semper Fi…Get Some

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Join Dakota Meyer from Starbucks HQ in Seattle as he talks about veteran employment and military community initiatives at Starbucks with fellow Marines Matt Kress, Starbucks Senior Manager Veterans and Military Affairs, and Tom Tice, Starbucks Director of Human Resources. Learn more about job opportunities with Starbucks by visiting their career website.


“Starbucks goes the extra mile. After hiring veterans, that’s not where it stops. Yeah, the job is important to the socio-economic structure of a veteran in transition or family in transition, but its also what do we do after, how do we help them.” 


Top Takeaways from Semper Fi…Get Some With Starbucks


When companies give back to veterans and military spouses, they get back a far greater return. 

We initially came into this because we had a sense of obligation to our country, but we very quickly realized that veterans and military spouses make Starbucks a better company. From there, we’ve been able to clearly demonstrate how if you do something meaningful for veterans and military spouses that a lot comes back to your company.”


Like the Marine Corps, Starbucks is a mission-driven organization and adheres to a set of core values.

One thing really cool about Starbucks is the mission and values are written on the wall and they’re embedded in the culture. That is very similar to what the military has, very similar to what the Marine Corps has. That is all about inspiring others, leading by example, setting the tone and setting expectations, and letting others understand what that means.”


Military spouse employment is a significant national issue.

“We also recognize the unique challenges that military spouses have in the national landscape, and they have not received a lot of the resources that veterans have and their situation is unique…From a long-term and strategic perspective, we’re committed to working with Hiring Our Heroes and several others to put forth as many resources as possible. Outside of our needs at Starbucks, because it’s good for the military, good for our military families, and good for our country.”


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