Career Summits Reach 100 Events

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Hiring Our Heroes

Since Career Summits began, less than five years ago, Hiring Our Heroes has held nearly 100 events reaching thousands of service members, military spouses, and veterans.

Listen in as Hiring Our Heroes Executive Director Chuck Hodges and Director of Career Summits Marnie Holder discuss the progression of these events through the years and what to expect at the 100th Career Summit at Fort Gordon on this episode of the Sitrep podcast.

Top Takeaways from “Career Summits Reach 100 Events”

1. These events require a collaborative effort between Hiring Our Heroes, military service organizations, and the base command teams.

“We can’t be successful without those command teams. Their participation is critical to our success.” – Chuck Hodges, Hiring Our Heroes Executive Director

2. Through the years, Career Summits have been modified to meet the needs of the attendees and installation command teams.

“We don’t provide redundant services. That’s how we have been able to stay relevant.” – Chuck Hodges, Hiring Our Heroes Executive Director

3. Oftentimes between 20 and 30 companies are on the waitlist for any Career Summit.

“If you sit around and wait (to register) until the last couple of days before the event, there’s a high probability that you’re going to be on a waitlist. It’s not because we don’t want them there. It’s truly the physical limitations of the space that we’re operating in. If you’re a veteran-ready company and want to get access to this talent pool, register early and register often.” – Chuck Hodges, Hiring Our Heroes Executive Director

4. Augusta, Georgia, is one of the world’s top 10 global cybersecurity hubs. The Fort Gordon Career Summit will celebrate the success of the Career Summits and launch the program into the next five years.

“What we will see at (the) Fort Gordon (Career Summit on June 19-20) is an amplification of everything that we’ve done. It’s going to bring together everyone that we’ve worked with over the last five years and set the stage for what the future will be. – Marnie Holder, Director of Career Summits at Hiring Our Heroes

5. Retired General John F. Campbell and his wife Ann will be at the Fort Gordon Summit as the newest Hiring Our Heroes and Toyota Personal Brand Ambassadors.

“First for them, 100th for us.” – Marnie Holder, Director of Career Summits at Hiring Our Heroes

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