3 Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time to Hire a Military Spouse

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If you’re struggling to find qualified talent to join your team, it may be time to try a new approach, like the Military Spouse Career Accelerator Pilot (MSCAP).

Hiring Our Heroes and Deloitte are collaborating with the Department of Defense on MSCAP. This pilot program connects talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers with career-ready military spouses for paid 12-week fellowships across various industries and locations throughout the United States. The program is completely free for companies.

Each applicant is carefully vetted for MSCAP. Once accepted, military spouses are placed with host companies based on location and work experience, among other factors. Depending on the company’s needs, fellowships may take place in person or remotely. Spouses who excel in the program may be invited to join as employees at the end of the fellowship.

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Are you ready to host a fellow this spring? Here are three reasons why now is the right time for your organization to host a fellow.

Military spouses are highly qualified job candidates.

MSCAP candidates are highly educated and highly skilled – 43% hold a master’s degree and 57% earned a bachelor’s degree.

Military spouses are lifelong learners who regularly seek further education. Nearly 80% of military spouses surveyed told Hiring Our Heroes they have pursued additional training or education during their time as military spouses.

Additionally, military spouses are experts in flexibility, ingenuity, and perseverance. Did you know 75% of surveyed military spouses reported feeling confident in their abilities to handle problems? This group of men and women have diverse backgrounds, transferable skills and experiences in various roles and industries.

Top 5 Roles  

  • Human Resources/Talent Acquisition
  • Program/Project Management
  • Business Operations & Administration
  • Data and Program Analysis
  • Information Technology

“Simply put, if you have open roles, we have military spouses to fill those roles,” said Elizabeth Garcia, Director of Military Spouse Fellowships at Hiring Our Heroes.

MSCAP is available risk-free to employers nationwide.

Fellowships also allow employers to witness a potential employee in action at their organization at no cost to the company.

“That’s the beauty of a [fellowship program.] You don’t have to only rely on the resume review or the half-hour interview,” said Christy LeRoy, director and business process consultant at USAA. “With the fellowship program, you can see how they fit in your company, what transferrable skills they bring to the table and how those skills can help your company succeed.”

Additionally, employers may hire MSCAP candidates directly.

“With the fellowship program, you can see how they fit in your company, what transferrable skills they bring to the table and how those skills can help your company succeed.”

Christy LeRoy, director and business process consultant at USAA

MSCAP helps the Armed Forces keep the best for America’s all-volunteer force.

Military spouses face an unemployment rate of 21% due to frequent relocations and a lack of a professional network in their new location.

Given these challenges, it is not surprising that most (88%) military spouses agree or strongly agree their military lifestyle impacts their ability to find jobs at their experience and/or education level. A similar percentage (90%) agree or strongly agree military service negatively affects their career.

Hiring Our Heroes’ research also reported 39% of military spouses have considered the possibility of their family leaving military service in support of their work or career. Additionally, 32% reported that supporting their work or career was a major consideration in the decision of their service member to retire or transition.

In conclusion, military spouse unemployment threatens the stability of an all-volunteer force. If your organization wants to support our nation’s military service members, volunteer to host a military spouse.

The fellowship is a win-win. Your organization gains a resolute employee, and a military family is one step closer to financial well-being.

Now is the right time to host a fellow. All you need to do is sign up to be a MSCAP host company, and we take care of the rest. What are you waiting for?

A talent pipeline of pre-vetted job candidates are ready to be matched employers. Take the first step to hosting a military spouse fellow by completing this form.

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