An Initiative to Modernize Job Hiring May Benefit Military Job Seekers

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For the last 10 years, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has been on the front lines, supporting the business community with demand-driven solutions to the nation’s skills gap, all the while studying the gap that persists to better understand it. What they have learned is that the concept of the skills gap has evolved.

In step with that evolution, the Chamber Foundation is developing a solution that helps employers better communicate the competencies and skills needed for in-demand jobs to job seekers and talent sourcing partners in the education community.

Last year, the Chamber Foundation launched the Job Data Exchange (JDX) initiative with a mission to develop a set of open-data tools and resources that break down a job description into structured competency requirements instead of complicated sentences written in static paragraphs.

With employer participation, the JDX would produce better, more accurate data about the actual skills employers are looking for in real time. This organic labor market information would allow job seekers to connect their skills and qualifications to jobs that are available more quickly and accurately.

Veterans, service members, and military spouses will be able to benefit from this innovative solution, too.

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