10 Reasons to Network with Local Career-Minded MilSpouses — and How to Make the Connection

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Members of a Military Spouse Professional Network (MSPN)
Through Hiring Our Heroes’ MSPN, you can find local military spouses who can help foster new career connections and provide insight into the local area.

Moving — and starting over again — can be difficult. But although you may not have a professional network (yet) at your new duty station, as a milspouse, you’re never truly alone in your career journey. Through the Military Spouse Professional Network (MSPN), you can find local military spouses who can help foster new career connections and provide insight into the local area. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with local businesses who are seeking military spouse talent. Still on the fence about making the connection? Keep reading!

10 Reasons to Join your Local Military Spouse Professional Network

  1. Career Focus. While there are a number of social networking groups for military spouses, MSPN focuses on cultivating a professional/career network, allowing a space for career-minded spouses to interact and engage through peer-to-peer networking and professional development.
  2. An Earlier Start. MSPN provides a soft landing spot after a PCS, and even helps you begin making connections well in advance of moving day. Once you know where you’re moving, your current local MSPN Lead can facilitate an introduction to the network at or closest to your family’s new duty station.
  3. Crowdsourcing. The ability to ask open, honest career questions to your peer group is amazing. Our spouses are a wealth of knowledge, and with so many members, it’s likely someone will have knowledge or experience to share.
  4. Dual Functions. Our meetings offer both professional development sessions and networking opportunities, and local networking translates to big opportunities. The social media space is great for making initial connections, but real magic often happens in person. The oft-quoted statistic that 80% of jobs come from a personal referral is as true today as it has ever been, so developing your network is key to job-hunting success.
  5. Broad Reach. By joining MSPN, you’ll be connected to countless military spouse employment advocates: other spouses, of course, but also the roster of employers who regularly work with Hiring Our Heroes and other Veteran Service Organizations as well as those who regularly attend HOH hiring fairs, transition summits, and military spouse program events. There’s a whole world of military spouse-ready connections out there waiting to be made.
  6. Open Doors. Your local MSPN events can provide opportunities to get in the room with employers. Military spouses often say, “If I could just get in a room with the hiring manager, I know I could sell my skills!” MSPN brings those employers to the table and gives you that opportunity.
  7. Kevin Bacon has nothing on the military spouse community. He may be just six degrees of separation to any connection — but thanks to vibrant personal networks, a military spouse may only need three!
  8. Valuable Experience. MSPN networks are led by military spouse volunteers who are passionate about moving the needle in military spouse employment. They have walked a mile in your shoes, and many of them are still journeying with you.
  9. Worldwide Reach. With more than 50 networks globally, you’re joining a truly massive web of career-minded military spouses who can relate to your journey and help you get where you’re going — even if where you’re going is OCONUS.
  10. Make Like-Minded Friends. Let’s face it — the buddy system is more fun. Attending local Chamber of Commerce or other professional organization meetings to build your network with a friend can be less intimidating that showing up solo. Come out to an MSPN event and meet another career-minded spouse to attend with you.

Ready to join? Find an MSPN location near you!

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