Like a Knucklehead, I Dropped Papers

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Join Dakota Meyer and HOH’s Liz O’Brien as they sit down with Danny Chung, fellow Marine and Chief of Staff for Microsoft Military Affairs, as he shares his transition story and insight into Microsoft’s efforts in recruiting and retaining military veterans and spouses. Hear how you can participate in their flagship program, Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) and tap into critical career skills required for today’s growing technology industry. Learn more at Microsoft’s Military Affairs website

Like a Knucklehead, I Dropped Papers

1. Your military service helps you refine the intangibles needed to succeed in the civilian workplace.

“It is just as important in the military as it is in corporate America to be able to have the energy and the motivation and the leadership to promote what you want to do and to have a shared vision so that you have a strategic goal and this willingness to do what is needed.” –Danny Chung

I think it is tremendously valuable to any corporate success to be able to make your way into a company, to fit in with the team, and to be able to work through limited resources, work through time crunches and work through opposing viewpoints and being able to just work through all those obstacles. That is something we are used to.” –Danny Chung

2. No one is an island, especially not when job searching.

“I took advantage of all the job fairs I possibly could. I took advantage of all the networks I had.” –Danny Chung

3. Finding the right cultural fit with a new employer is important, especially for veterans. 

“Microsoft is a company that really believes in the mission, in doing things and taking action, not just talking about it.” –Danny Chung

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