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Gain targeted experience as a certified Salesforce professional with a tech fellowship.

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Salesforce Fellowship
Program Overview
Developed through a collaborative partnership between Salesforce and Hiring Our Heroes, the program allows transitioning service members and military spouses to participate in 12-week fellowships for certified Salesforce professionals. The hands-on experience offered through the program prepares fellows for a smooth transition into Salesforce careers.
Fellowship Hosts
Matching with a Host Company
Fellowship candidates are carefully matched with participating companies based on the specific skills of the candidate and the preferences of both parties. Once matched with a host company, candidates undergo exclusive on-the-job training at their host company, gaining firsthand experience in the private sector.
Salesforce Military
What is Salesforce Military?
Salesforce Military offers free, online training classes and certification exams at no cost for active-duty military and military spouses. We connect our talented pipeline with partner companies to help grow, strengthen, and diversify their workforces.
MSEAC Advisory Council

Flexible Timelines

Applications accepted throughout the year with new opportunities available each month. Resumes of available candidates will be released to host companies on a monthly basis or upon request by employers to allow for maximum flexibility.

Consider attending Amplify prior to submitting your fellowship application. Amplify is an exclusive two-day event that leads potential applicants through intensive career preparation, professional development, and networking. Both in person and virtual sessions are available.

Program Details

  • Schedule

    The fellowship features a 12-week syllabus and runs three times a year.

  • Location

    Salesforce fellowships are completed remotely.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    The program is open to transitioning service members and military spouses. Military spouse fellowships are paid opportunities; transitioning service member fellows complete the program while on active duty.

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Salesforce Fellowship
Frequently Asked Questions
Transitioning Service Members (TSM) and military spouses are eligible for the Salesforce Fellowship Program. Active Duty – The Salesforce Fellowship Program is a DoD Skillbridge program open to TSM candidates whose timeline aligns with the program and who meet the necessary requirements for the application.
  • You must be on active duty
  • You must be within 180 days of transition from military service at the time of the 12-week program.
  • You must have your Command’s approval paperwork signed by the deadline of the application.
STEP 1. Apply - Salesforce Fellowship Application  – Once you apply, an email will be received with all necessary information to complete your application. STEP 2. Hiring our Heroes Interview - Once all application step requirements are met, an initial interview will be scheduled with the HOH PM. Resume Release - If you are successful in the interview step, you’ll be included in a resume release to our participating host companies. STEP 3. Host Company Interviews - Host companies decide which candidates they will interview.  They will reach out to candidates directly to arrange an interview. Not all candidates receive interview requests by host companies. STEP 4. Matching Process - Fellowship candidates are carefully matched with participating companies based on the specific skills of the candidate and the preferences of both parties. Once matched with a host company, candidates undergo exclusive on-the-job training at their host company, gaining firsthand experience in the private sector. This real-world experience is augmented by weekly educational sessions for the cohort, held in a classroom setting.
A fellow who demonstrates progress and proves to be a good fit for their host company will have the opportunity to interview for an open position. Fellows will also be able to network with other companies within the fellowship program and interviews may be offered, given the proven track record of a fellow’s success.
Salesforce Fellowship Program (SFP) virtual schedule takes place Monday through Thursday with a day of mandatory classroom instruction every Friday. Once your application is received, a fellowship program manager will contact you at the email address you provided. The program manager will offer further details about the program, including any additional application requirements and timelines.
Yes. Military spouses and caregivers receive a $18 per hour stipend for the Monday through Thursday fellowship, for 11 weeks. Transitioning service members, who are using an HOH fellowship for their Skillbridge will not receive a stipend as they are receiving DoD pay. However, job offers following the program will be tied to the market rate for the role for the employer, the location, and will also depend on experience and skill level.
Our program has many participating companies, including small, medium, and large businesses. Participating employers and companies vary depending on their hiring needs each cohort.
Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) company specializing in customer relationship management (CRM). The Salesforce CRM platform allows businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers. The software has become the number one CRM for the 9th year in a row and helps companies track customer activity, market to customers, and many more services. Examples of Salesforce at work: Starbucks app, Marriot hotel online reservation, USAA.
There are many career paths in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is not sales. Click this link to hear the many different career paths Salesforce offers. Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Business Analyst and more.
Yes, all candidates need a Salesforce certification by the cohort application deadline. You do NOT earn the certification in the fellowship.
Salesforce Military offers free on-line self-paced certification training and free exam coupons for the military community. This is a separate process from the Hiring Our Heroes Salesforce Fellowship Program. You can work on your certification while applying to the fellowship too. Click here to start your registration: Salesforce Military Website
    1. Verify military connection through Troop ID or ID.me.
      1. Sign up on Troop ID or ID.me.
      2. Once verified, go to Trailhead and sign up with that same email address.
      3. A code will be sent to that email to grant access to the Salesforce Military Platform.
    2. Which certification should I start with? You are welcome to obtain all 17 certifications offered but it’s recommended to start with the Salesforce Administrator. The majority of those new to the platform earn this one since it gives the best foundation. List of Salesforce Certifications | Salesforce certification path guide
    3. How long will it take me to take the certification? The certification training is an online self-paced process. It’s recommended to allow yourself 3-6 months for the whole process. This allows time to complete the online modules, conduct practice exams, and ensure confidence by the exam date.
    4. How do I schedule an exam? Once you complete all the modules related to the certification you are working on, Salesforce will present you with the free exam voucher and instructions on scheduling the exam. You can schedule and study on your own OR have the option to sign up for a free 1-week Test Prep class which ends with the exam.
Salesforce provides FREE self-paced certification training in the Salesforce ecosystem. They have created a Military only website that offers 17 certifications, including FREE exam vouchers. These certificates are stackable credentials and build off each other. These classes are worth $5,000 but are offered for free to those in the military community.
The exams are 60 questions in 105 minutes; 65% to pass (39/60 correct); there are always 5 questions to test future tests and not graded. The new exam set up has 7 knowledge areas down from 12 (as of June 23, 2021). Please find the update details here: Trailhead Admin Cert Exam Updates with FAQs.
It is common to fail your first exam. Salesforce will offer a FREE exam retake coupon.