An Inside Look at the USS Midway Career Summit

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Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes has held over 1,200 hiring events. Our venues are just one of the special pieces we try to wrap into successful hiring events. The recent Career Summit aboard the USS Midway is just one example.

If you have been wondering what it’s like to attend a Career Summit – take a listen. Hear directly from employers about the recruiting successes they’ve experienced and find out why job seekers are giving the Career Summit experience two thumbs up!

Top Takeaways from “An Inside Look at the USS Midway Career Summit”

1. What are employers saying about our Career Summits?

“You guys do a great job helping out the veterans and that’s what it’s all about. Whether it’s a Marine, soldier, Navy seaman, Air Force guys, girls, taking care of them, making sure they have some career choices when they get out of the service. That’s why I do it.” – Brigade Sgt. Major with the Amy National Guard and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Recruiter

“There’s really dedicated individuals here who are really here to find a job and we are just proud to support them.” –Adrienne Sherk, Vetforce Senior Manager, Salesforce

“The interaction with veterans. I’m a veteran myself. I did about 30 years in the Army retired about five years ago so I can relate to the anxiety and the nervousness that they’re feeling. I calm a lot of that. That’s what I live for. I live to try to help that segment, if you will. ” – Jeff Simmons, Veteran and Herc Rentals Recruiter

“Right now we have almost 4,000 jobs open across the firm. This is a great place to pick up that talent – good quality talent.  It’s been a great day, so far, to fill positions we have open now as well as positions we know we will have coming open in the future.” – George Bernloehr, Military Recruiting Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton

2. What’s ahead for our Career Summit program?

“I wish we could do more of these. I think this is a great destinations for any of these types of events and I’m so pleased with the turnout. We’ve had phenomenal feedback from employers and great job seekers.” – Marnie Holder, Career Summits Director at Hiring Our Heroes

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