3 Reasons Why Nestlé Is a Great Place to Build a Career in Manufacturing

Two workers talk inside a Nestlé USA factory
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Editor’s note: This article was written by Megan Wrobel, Senior Specialist Digital Brand Management in Talent Acquisition at Nestlé USA, to help veterans and military spouses learn more about careers at Nestlé.

Nestlé is all about bringing families the best foods and beverages, from our morning cup of coffee to our favorite pizza. That wouldn’t be possible without the teams on the front lines of Nestlé’s work — the manufacturers in our production facilities who ensure our products are high-quality, reliable, and safe. 

It’s this connection to consumers that make manufacturing careers at Nestlé so rewarding. Our products are in 97% of American households, so the creativity and ingenuity of our teams make a real difference to everyday lives across the country.

That’s why we hire agile, curious team members who are seeking to constantly learn new skills and grow their career. Even our CEO, Steve Presley, started his Nestlé career just over 20 years ago at a factory in Suffolk, Virginia, and worked his way through the company, learning new skills and gaining valuable experiences as his career developed. 

Nestlé is excited to continue discovering new talent in manufacturing, which is why we have a series of programs designed to hire, train, and promote the best people for the job.

Below are just a few of the ways we’re helping to build the workforce of the future in manufacturing: 

Hiring Our Heroes Provides Training to Help Veterans Skill Up for Careers at Nestlé

1. Providing Opportunities for Veterans to Build Civilian Careers 

Transitioning from military to civilian careers can be challenging. Nestlé values the experience veterans gain from military service and believes these important experiences and skills can be beneficial across all sectors of our business. That’s why we work with a number of partners such as The Manufacturing Institute through Heroes Make America, Dog Tag Bakery, and Hiring Our Heroes to provide training programs that help veterans and military spouses skill up for manufacturing careers.

Nestlé runs workshops, hosts factory tours, and has hired veterans through these partners —including many employees who still work with the company today.

Whether participants in these programs go on to work at Nestlé or choose to make their impact elsewhere, we firmly believe in investing time in upskilling the next generation of manufacturers. 

2. Creating Room to Invest in Your Passions 

When Kelsey joined Nestlé, she couldn’t have known how far a career on our factory line was going to take her. During a mechanical engineering internship, Kelsey discovered an interest in sustainable packaging that she then carried through to her time at Nestlé. Working in three different Nestlé facilities over the course of three years, she expanded her knowledge of what makes the manufacturing process work and how to find solutions where improvement was needed. She was eager to keep learning and embrace new skills, and her manager supported this interest. 

“My manager actually asked me in a one-on-one meeting where I wanted to take my career, and I told him I wanted to shift to the packaging team,” Kelsey explains. “Not only did he say he understood, but he said he’d help me shape my current role in a way that would give me added experience in packaging.” 

Kelsey’s passion for sustainable packaging led her to become a Packaging Associate Specialist or, as she’s affectionately known as by her little sister, “the box doctor.” Kelsey is a great example of how a manufacturing career may evolve and where it could potentially lead you. 

Two workers talk inside a Nestlé USA factory
Nestlé is honored to partner with Hiring Our Heroes as we work to help create a strong manufacturing workforce for today and for future generations.

3. Building a Workplace Where Everyone Can Thrive 

Today, there are increasing opportunities and access for women in manufacturing careers. Nestlé USA is committed to developing career paths for everyone, closing the gender gap in manufacturing, and driving greater diversity in our teams. Employee Resource Groups like our Women in Engineering group also help drive change and provide support from the grassroots level — ultimately helping to inspire change and create a space for more women in the future. 

“During the past 14 years as an engineer with Nestlé, I’ve been able to work in three different countries to develop and implement new technologies,” said Luisana, a Digital Manufacturing Expert. “I’ve been so grateful to be supported as a woman, a mother, and an engineer.” 

Careers at Nestlé Develop Future Leaders in Manufacturing

Nestlé USA is proud that we offer equal pay for men and women. We offer progressive parental support policies for all parents at Nestlé. Plus, we’re excited to continue growing the number of women on our teams and developing future leaders in manufacturing. 

Nestlé is honored to partner with Hiring Our Heroes as we work to help create a strong manufacturing workforce.

Nestlé USA is committed to developing career paths for everyone, closing the gender gap in manufacturing, and driving greater diversity in its teams. Join Hiring Our Heroes’ talent community here to stay up to date on new opportunities!

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