77 Years Later and Still Impactful

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Join Hiring Our Heroes and Toyota Personal Branding Ambassadors (and veterans) Dakota Meyer and Brad Snyder as they discuss the impact of Pearl Harbor on today’s generation.

Listen in as Snyder talks about what it’s like to be a Paralympian, learn why they both believe happiness is a choice, and hear firsthand their personal stories of transition troubles, triumphs, and more.

Top Takeaways from “77 Years Later and Still Impactful”:

1. Happiness is not dependent on external factors; it is a conscious choice.

“I dedicated myself to this idea that I was going to make the most of every moment that I have left, and that led me to the Paralympics. I cherish the role I have carrying this medal around and trying to inspire people to look at how they can own their reality and not victimize themselves over external factors. Happiness is a choice, and you have to make that choice every day.” – Brad Snyder, swimmer on the United States Paralympic team and Navy veteran

2. Every service member was called to serve for a different reason, but for at least two American generations, the reason was an attack on America.

“When we talk about 9/11, that’s our generation’s Pearl Harbor. It’s amazing how impactful that event is still today.” – Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient

3. Service members have skills that are crucial to the workforce even if their military job function does not have a direct translation to the civilian sector.

“I learned pretty quickly that even though there wasn’t a lot of direct translation from what I had done in the Navy, there were a lot of skills I had that were relevant in the workplace. I know how to manage a crisis, I know how to make decisions, I know how to manage people, I know how to lead, and I know how to show up to work on time, which is something that not everyone else does.” – Brad Snyder, swimmer on the United States Paralympic team and Navy veteran

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