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As part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, HOH recognizes diversity as America’s strength, spurring the innovation and creativity that have made the U.S. economy the most vibrant and dynamic in history. When businesses recognize and embrace different perspectives, they are better able to create value, serve customers, support employees, and solve problems. By providing opportunities for everyone, businesses help lift communities and strengthen the health, prosperity, and competitiveness of our nation and society. Often, military spouses are members of these diverse communities. When companies have a greater understanding of military spouses’ perspectives and their unique identities, they can better source, hire, and retain this talent.

Key Findings include:

  • Understand the journey military spouses have been through by creating an inviting work environment for them to share their whole selves with colleagues and leadership.
  • Educate recruiters, hiring managers, and staff on identifying their unconscious biases and the impact that microaggressions and stereotyping can have on military spouses from diverse backgrounds.
  • Be welcoming during the interview process and socially and emotionally supportive once military spouses join the organization. A diverse interview team creates representation and clearly illustrates the company’s commitment to a diverse team. Military spouses feel welcomed when they have an ally, when the company embraces diverse talent and perspectives, and when the company adopts clear workplace policies that demonstrate a flexible work culture.
  • Continue to promote and refine military spouse hiring initiatives within companies and consider adding hiring initiatives and programs for senior to executive level roles (which demonstrate the value the private sector places on spouses’ extensive experience and education).
  • Combat negative stereotypes associated with the company’s military spouse hiring initiatives through top-down messaging about the value of hiring military spouse talent.
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