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It’s All About the Long Game

Join Dakota Meyer and HOH’s Liz O’Brien as they sit down with Tom Downs, Senior Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition at Capital One to discuss their unique military hiring strategy. Listen in as he shares Capital One’s military engagement strategy and why, he believes, veteran and military hiring has been a key factor for putting Capital One in a position to win the long game.


Top Takeaways from It’s All About the Long Game:

1. Capital One has been and will continue to be committed to veteran and military spouse employment.

“The strategy of Capital One has been and continues to be: we do what we say. Back in 2011, there were 500,000 pledges from different companies to hire veterans.  We have stayed in the pledge and feel the day that you hire, or a company hires, a veteran or military spouse is the day that company got much better…we are in it for the long haul!” – Tom Downs


2. Capital One recruiters champion veterans and military spouses throughout the hiring process.

It is getting the military equivalency added and also having recruiters and hiring managers educated on the value of a veteran and understanding their resumes and qualifications.” – Tom Downs


3. There isn’t a secret solution for veteran and military spouse employment, but by companies learning from each other, progress will be made.

“We want to make sure we are getting better and helping other companies get better… we need to get out there and make Capital One known as a brand, not just for ‘what’s in your wallet?’ but also an employer of choice for veterans and their spouses.” – Tom Downs


There is just such great talent [veterans and military spouses] that is being overlooked…We want them to come to Capital One and have a great opportunity.” –Tom Downs


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A Program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation