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Fellow Agreement

You are participating in training (“Training Program”) at the Fellowship Host noted below (“Fellowship Host”) for your educational benefit, as part of the Corporate Fellowship Program (“CFP”). Although the CFP is held, in part, in a workplace, it is intended to provide training similar to what you would receive from an educational institution and is not employment. 

During the Training Program you will work under the close supervision of Fellowship Host staff and will not displace any regular Fellowship Host employees. You will not be an employee of Fellowship Host and are not eligible for any wages or benefits from Fellowship Host.  

At the conclusion of the CFP, you are not entitled to a job with Fellowship Host. Further, Fellowship Host derives no immediate advantage from your participation in the Training Program and on occasion Fellowship Host’s operations may actually be impeded.  

In exchange for the educational benefit you will receive from participation in the Training Program, you agree to release and discharge Fellowship Host, as well as its employees and agents, from any and all liability related to any personal injuries, property loss, or other damages, which may arise out of your participation in the Training Program, whether or not caused by Fellowship Host’s negligence. By signing below, you expressly acknowledge that you understand and agree to this waiver and release of liability and assume the risk of all harm arising from your participation in the Training Program. 

A. Your Responsibilities to Fellowship Host  

  1. You will report to Fellowship Host’s place of business at 8:00 AM, or as scheduled, from Start Date through End Date.
  2. You will notify Fellowship Host or your CFP liaison if you need to adjust or change your schedule in any way, including if you need to drop out of the CFP.You understand that continued tardiness or absence may be cause for your termination from the Training Program and/or CFP.
  3. You understand that neither the CFP nor Fellowship Host will provide you with compensation during the Fellowship. As an active duty service member, you will continue to receive salary and benefits from the U.S. Department of Defense. 
  4. You understand that you are not entitled to a job with Fellowship Host at the conclusion of the Training Program. 
  5. You are responsible for resolving any problems that arise with Fellowship Host. If you feel you cannot reach satisfactory resolution of such problems, you agree to contact your CFP liaison for assistance. 
  6. If you obtain other employment or if Fellowship Host offers you full-time employment prior to completing the CFP, you agree to notify your CFP liaison and transition counselor immediately, and to work with your new employer to coordinate completion of the training. 

B. Your Responsibilities to HOH 

  1. You understand that you will be in training from Start Date through End Date. 
  2. You will attend classes as scheduled beginning on Start Date and on each Thursday or Friday (site dependent) until graduation from the programYou will notify your HOH Program Manager prior to changing your program or schedule, including if you miss a class(es). 
  3. You understand that you will be dismissed from the CFP after your third absence or third tardy. 
  4. You agree that if you have to miss class, you will work with the instructor to make up the training. 
  5. You agree to look for work immediately following the completion of your training, absent extenuating circumstances, and agree to follow any reasonable counsel given by your HOH counselor regarding your job search. 
  6. You agree to provide position and salary information to your Program Manager upon completion of the program or offer acceptance following the program for up to 90 days. 
  7. You agree to provide retention data to your Program Manager annually for two years upon completion of the program when requested.  
  8. You authorize Fellowship Host to release information about your performance in the Training Program to HOH. In addition, while you understand that you are not entitled to employment with Fellowship Host, you authorize Fellowship Host to release information about any offers of employment you receive, including salary level, to HOH. 

You agree that you will safeguard all Fellowship Host confidential information and will not disclose any Fellowship Host confidential information to any third party without Fellowship Host’s prior written consent.  You further agree you will not use Fellowship Host confidential information for any purpose other than to participate in the Fellowship Training Program and will promptly return to Fellowship Host any materials containing or derived from Fellowship Host upon coming into possession of any such materials.  Upon Fellowship Host’s request or the termination of your participation in the Fellowship Training Program, you will return all Fellowship Host information and all materials containing or derived from Fellowship Host information. 

In accordance with Federal law and the Joint Ethics Regulation, you will not disclose to Fellowship Host any non-public information available to you based on your official position as a Federal employee. 

Consistent with Federal law and the Joint Ethics Regulation, you will not act as an agent for Fellowship Host before any agency or department of the United States.  Further, you will not interact with anyone at the Department of Defense or other federal agency or instrumentality on behalf of Fellowship Host in regard to any current or potential contracting opportunity or decision. 

You understand that participation in the Fellowship Training Program does not guarantee or imply that you will be offered a paid position with Fellowship Host upon your release or retirement from active duty or upon conclusion of the Fellowship Training Program. 

Please acknowledge your agreement to these terms by signing below and returning the signed original to your CFP liaison. If you wish, you may have a copy for your reference. 

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