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Virtual Wellness Resources
  • Explore free educational resources available at PsychArmor
  • Discuss feelings of social isolation and loneliness
  • Practice listening for COVID-19 gifts and grieving when talking to family members, co-workers and friends

RESOURCES: PsychArmor Institute

BALANCE: A Work-Life Balance Workshop
  • Discover resources and best practices for working remotely
  • Get actionable steps to discover your personal balance
  • Explore the intersection of employment and personal lives to strike a better work-life balance as a military spouse


Military OneSource Wellness Resources
  • Take a virtual tour of the Department of Defense’s 24/7 online resource for military families
  • Hear about the free resources this hub provides, including tax services, military spouse employment help, online training, and tools for relocation and deployment

RESOURCES: Military OneSource

WWP's Physical Health & Wellness
  • Learn about lifestyle changes you can implement at home right now
  • Discuss behaviors that may inhibit your ability to achieve your health and wellness goals
  • Learn about the Physical Health & Wellness Program available to veterans through Wounded Warrior Project

RESOURCES: WWP's Physical Health & Wellness Program

Retrain the Brain & Reduce the Stress
  • Learn the neuroscience of stress
  • Understand why you tend to focus on negative experiences more than positive ones
  • Examine techniques to help retrain your brain and reduce stress

RESOURCES: Headstrong Project

Understanding Your Benefits
  • Learn about VA compensation given to veterans with service-connected conditions
  • Understand the three main points of service-connected condition claims
  • Learn the qualifications for Combat Related Special Compensation

RESOURCES: Your Benefits Questions, Answered

Managing Wellness in a Remote Environment
  • Discuss rules for remote work
  • Learn tips for encouraging group discussions during virtual meetings
  • Discuss the challenges of working remotely

RESOURCES: Leading Virtual Teams Handbook | WorkWell Podcast

Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Discuss the business case for investing in your employees' wellbeing
  • Understand that leaders have the ability to change policies and practices
  • Learn strategies for incorporating wellbeing in the workplace

RESOURCES: PsychArmor Institute

WWP’s Workday Workout
  • Practice a 30-minute chair-based workout
  • Understand the importance of stretching throughout your work day

RESOURCES: WWP's Veteran Health and Fitness Program

Mental Health Month: Now is the Time
  • Learn about suicide prevention resources for veterans and military family members
  • Understand that the development of protective factors can be viewed as an important part of a successful transition
  • Gain tips on searching for employment on USAJobs.gov

RESOURCES: COVID-19 Resources for the Military Community | Make the Connection

Guided Mediation
  • Learn about the practice of mediation
  • Hear how mediation can help you prepare for a job interview
  • Practice mini and longer mediation periods

RESOURCES: Mental Health Services for Veterans

Combat Stress Recovery: Aromatherapy
  • Learn the benefits of aromatherapy
  • Understand how essential oils can positively combat tension and stress
  • Hear tips for incorporating self-care into your daily life

RESOURCES: Mental Health Services for Veterans

Healthy Cooking for the Whole Family
  • Review eight quick and easy recipes that you can customize
  • Explore options for incorporating more vegetables into your meals
  • Discuss health alternatives to your favorite snacks and desserts

RESOURCES: Wounded Warrior Project's Health & Wellness Program

Practical Tips for Better Sleep
  • Learn about nine common sleep problems
  • Hear about eight areas of focus related to sleep
  • Understand what happens when we sleep

RESOURCES: Sleep Foundation | Mindful.org

Combat Stress Recovery: Gratitude
  • Review tips on incorporating gratitude into your daily life
  • Hear about the correlation between gratitude and happiness
  • Understand how gratitude is used to strengthen your resiliency

RESOURCES: Wounded Warrior Project's Combat Stress Recovery Program

Wellbeing in the Remote Workplace: Exercise in the Small Times
  • Learn how to incorporate physical activity into your work-from-home routine
  • Understand that doing a five-minute burst of movement hourly can make you a more efficient and productive employee
  • Get comfortable with two foundational movements: the plank and the squat

RESOURCES: Veteran Health & Fitness Programs

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Information Session
  • Receive an overview of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
  • Learn why you may want to enroll in this program before transitioning out of the military
  • Understand FLTCIP's eligibility requirements

RESOURCES: Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

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