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Mastering the Interview
  • Explore the different types of interview formats
  • Review sample interview questions
  • Learn common missteps veterans make in civilian interviews

RESOURCES: Informational Interviews | Our Best Elevator Pitch Tips

Virtual Networking
  • Discuss what a network is and what it should look like
  • Develop different strategies for using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites in your job search
  • Learn how to use social media sites to expand your network and build new connections

RESOURCES: The Art of Following Up | Military Spouse Professional Network

Preparing for Employment in a Virtual World
  • Learn how to prepare for a virtual career fair
  • Discuss 10 steps for success in the virtual career fair hiring process
  • Gain tips on how to engage in meaningful conversations with recruiters online

RESOURCES: HOH SITREP Podcast: Spectrum's Military Hiring Mission

Resume Writing, Interviewing, & Networking
  • Understand the components of a well-crafted resume
  • Learn negotiation tips to use with talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers
  • Learn techniques to help you master job interviews

RESOURCES: Raytheon Recruits Veterans

Interview Skills
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Learn techniques to help remain calm and confident during job interviews
  • Review common interview questions and receive advice on how to answer them

RESOURCES: How to Make Your Story Stand Out for Hiring Managers

Navigating the Virtual Selection Process
  • Learn the elements of a successful application strategy in a virtual hiring environment
  • Receive a virtual career fair preparation checklist
  • Review tips for video and telephone interviews

RESOURCES: Wells Fargo Careers for Veterans

Conducting a Successful Job Search in the Civilian Workforce
  • Understand what tools are available to help with your job search
  • Hear how recruiters use Indeed and LinkedIn to identify job candidates
  • Learn why recruiters ask about your military experience

RESOURCES: Phillips 66 Veterans Jobs | Veteran Hiring Is Not The Field of Dreams

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A Program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation