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Careers in the Information Technology Industry
  • Explore the possibilities of the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy
  • Learn what career avenues exist in the field of Information Technology
  • Learn about career opportunities at Microsoft for military spouses and families

RESOURCES: Microsoft Software & Systems Academy | Microsoft Military Affairs

Careers in the Transportation, Communications, & Financial Services Industries
  • Spectrum: With 95,000 employees in 41 states, Spectrum is a broadband communication company with an apprentice program for veterans
  • Troops Into Transportation: There is a nationwide driver shortage of 200,000 and demand is growing
  • Wells Fargo: Specialized training programs, team member networks, and professional development opportunities are just the beginning

RESOURCES: Spectrum Military Recruiting | Troops Into Transportation | Wells Fargo Veteran Careers

Careers in the Oil & Gas Industries
  • Learn about job opportunities with an energy infrastructure solutions provider
  • Hear how military job seekers can complete a no-cost natural gas technician training program
  • See how Mears’ core values are similar to the core values of the Armed Forces

RESOURCES: Careers at Mears Group

Careers in the HVAC Industry
  • Learn about career opportunities in the HVAC industry
  • Hear how the Perfect Technician Academy trains veterans for HVAC careers
  • Explore the HVAC technician career path

RESOURCES: Perfect Technician Academy

Careers in the Transportation Industry
  • Learn about employment opportunities in the trucking industry and the current national driver shortage
  • Explore CDL training opportunities available to veterans
  • Hear success stories of veterans who are currently working in the transportation industry

RESOURCES: Troops Into Transportation

Careers in the Defense & Intelligence Industries
  • Learn how Leidos works with national organizations and agencies like the Department of Defense
  • Hear about Leidos’ four main lines of business
  • Watch a walk-through of the Leidos’ career webpage and learn how to filter through job options to find jobs that you may be interested in applying for

RESOURCES: Careers at Leidos | Veteran Hiring at Leidos

Careers in the Cybersecurity Industry
  • Discuss the career opportunities available in cybersecurity
  • Learn that there are currently more than 500,000 open positions in cybersecurity
  • Explore the types of jobs available in cybersecurity

RESOURCES: Military Careers at Booz Allen Hamilton | Veterans & Military Families Find a Home at BAH

Careers in the Financial Services Industry
  • Understand which job opportunities are in demand within the financial industry
  • Hear how Prudential and First Command are onboarding new employees in a virtual environment
  • Learn networking tips for gaining employment in the financial industry

RESOURCES: Prudential Military Recruiting | First Command

Preparing for a Career in the Intelligence Industry
  • Learn what makes the veteran-founded Mission Essential unique in the intelligence industry
  • Identify which roles and positions Mission Essential is currently hiring veterans to fill
  • Understand the government contracting cycle

RESOURCES: Mission Essential

  • Learn about career opportunities at Triple Canopy
  • Understand which roles require a security clearance and which roles do not
  • Learn about the hiring process at this private security company

RESOURCES: Careers -- Constellis

Careers In the Oil & Gas Industries Featuring Mears Group and BP
  • Mears Group is an energy infrastructure solutions provider for gas, electric, and telecom companies
  • Learn about renewable energy initiatives at BP
  • Hear how both BP and Mears are hiring and on-boarding new employees virtually

RESOURCES: Career Opportunities at Mears

Careers in the Intelligence Industry Featuring LinQuest, the PerduCo Group, & Mission Essential
  • Learn about career opportunities at LinQuest, the PerduCo Group, and Mission Essential
  • Hear how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the intelligence industry
  • Find out why your security clearance may be your golden ticket to a job in the intelligence industry

RESOURCES: Veterans -- LinQuest Corportation | Jobs for Veterans with Mission Essential

Information Technology & Cybersecurity Employer Panel Featuring Leidos, Amazon and PayPal
  • Learn about in-demand positions at these three military-ready employers
  • Understand which skills, licenses, degrees, and certifications job seekers need to work in the IT and cybersecurity industry
  • Receive tips on the application and interview process with these employers

RESOURCES: AWS Educate | Careers for Veterans at PayPal

Careers in the Transportation & Logistics Industries Featuring FedEx & TMC Transportation
  • Hear about the impact COVID-19 has had on these companies
  • Learn which certifications and requirements are needed to work in this industry
  • Understand the career opportunities available at FedEx and TMC

RESOURCES: Military Veterans -- TMC Transportation | Opportunities for Veterans at FedEx

Employer Panel: Transportation Industry Featuring FedEx, Ryder, Hyundai and Werner
  • Listen as these employers explain which roles and positions they are currently hiring for at their companies
  • Learn what the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver is and find out if you are eligible to apply for it
  • Get advice on preparing for a virtual hiring fair

RESOURCES: Military CDL Skills Test Waiver | Careers in the Transportation Industry

Industry Panel: Opportunities in Healthcare
  • Hear from an employer panel made up of representatives from HCA Healthcare, Cedars-Sinai, Walmart, and CVS Health
  • Learn which roles these employers are currently hiring for
  • Understand the hiring practices at these companies

RESOURCES: Opportunities in Healthcare for Military Veterans | Military Affairs Recruitment -- HCA Healthcare Careers

Industry Panel: Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Hear from a panel made up of representatives from International Trucks, FASTPORT, TMC, and Troops Into Transportation
  • Learn why your military experience and skill sets are assets in this industry
  • Learn about the career opportunities available through apprenticeship programs for veterans and transitioning service members

RESOURCES: Skillbridge Program Providers | Careers in the Transportation Industry

Employer Panel: Healthcare Industry
  • Hear from an employer panel made up of representatives from the Mayo Clinic, Ascension and Amedisys
  • Learn the reasons why these employers recruit veterans and military spouses
  • Understand which roles are best for veterans that want to enter the healthcare industry

RESOURCES: Opportunities in Healthcare

STEM Careers featuring Amazon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, and WWC Global
  • Hear about resources available to transitioning service members with an interest in a tech career, but do not have any experience
  • Learn which certs are in the highest demand by employers
  • Receive tips on navigating a transition from military operations to IT

RESOURCES: Employer Connection: Booz Allen Hamilton | Employer Connection: Amazon Web Services | Employer Connection: Lockheed Martin

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