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Eleven Fifty Academy is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit coding and cybersecurity school with a mission to transform lives. By providing fast-track education programs to help individuals gain the most relevant skills for today’s high-demand tech ecosystem, Eleven Fifty builds tech talent in Indiana and beyond that financially benefits the student, the employer, and the community. Funding and scholarship opportunities are available to 90%+ of students and Eleven Fifty also accepts the G.I. Bill for veterans and their family members. Courses in software development, web development and cybersecurity are offered both in-person and online as well as full-time and part-time.

Learn more at elevenfifty.org.

"Eleven Fifty has offered so many things, from connections, friends, and provided me with the necessary starting skills to pursue a career that has truly improved my life."

- Drew Blincoe, Veteran and 2018 Graduate, Fullstack Developer at SIGMA Equipment, Inc.

Why Pursue a Career in Tech?

Due to the growing demand of coding and cyber security skills and job opportunities available in the technology field, some veterans find that an immersive bootcamp is a pathway to transition into a career in tech. Eleven Fifty offers 12-week coding and 14-week cyber security bootcamps to allow veterans to quickly learn today’s most relevant tech skills

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A Program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation