Opening Doors in Veteran and Military Spouse Recruiting

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Recorded live during our Veteran and Military Spouse Hiring Council meeting at Capital One, this episode is jam-packed full of leaders in the veteran and military spouse recruiting and retention space.

Join us as we sit down with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cathy Breeze and Laura Schmiegel; Toyota Personal Brand Ambassador and President of FASTPORT, Adam Rocke; and Indeed’s Andrew Dennis.

Learn more about Hiring Our Heroes MSEAC and VEAC Advisory Councils.

Top Takeaways from “Opening Doors”

1. Booz Allen Hamilton encourages military spouses to self-identify so military spouses can be better supported within the organization.

“It’s still a journey – [military spouses] have to see the value and realize that we’re serious about this. We want to make sure we can help you, support you, and be able to encourage you to be a part of this broader [military spouse] group.” – Cathy Breeze, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

2. FASTPORT helps connect veterans and military spouses with meaningful employment through their services, which includes Hiring Our Heroes’ Resume Engine and Career Spark.

“You talked about passion, and that’s really important for all service members and military spouses when they transition out to find the job, whether they transition after three years or 30 years like myself to find meaningful employment.” – retired Army Colonel Adam Rocke, Vice President, FASTPORT

3. This year Indeed is starting a partnership with Hiring Our Heroes to extend their services to the veteran and military spouse community.

“Once we saw that we were going to partner with [Hiring Our Heroes], we wanted to make sure we were here and learning as much as we can for 2019.”– Andrew Dennis, Global Product Commercialization-Veteran Strategy, Indeed

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