LinkedIn Premium for Military Spouses

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Join Medal of Honor recipient and Toyota Personal Branding Ambassador Sergeant Dakota Meyer and Hiring Our Heroes’ Liz O’Brien as they sit down with LinkedIn’s Head of Military & Veterans Programs Dan Savage to find out more about their newest LinkedIn Premium membership program for military spouses and to hear his transition story. You can learn more about LinkedIn Premium for Military Spouses at the mySECO website and LinkedIn’s Military and Veterans program here.

LinkedIn Premium for Military Spouses

1. Digital networking can help smooth service members’ transition to the civilian world by connecting them with potential mentors in their future career field.

“LinkedIn is really the way where you can find people like you who are doing jobs like the ones you might be interested in.” – Dan Savage

2. The job market is changing to better aid military spouses as they move.

 “If the talent is there, the talent can do the job where they are and I think those attitudes shifting just in the broader economy, that’s really going to have an effect on the military spouse community, but it’s on us to lead and to make sure they’re a part of that conversation.” – Dan Savage

We’re in a moment now in the transformation of our economy where our economy is moving more towards gig work, freelance work, part-time work, and remote work, so I think this is probably the moment where corporate America can really come together under efforts like Hiring Our Heroes to really start to disseminate ideas about how can you think differently about your workforce.” – Dan Savage

3. LinkedIn provides a platform for veterans building civilian careers that has led to a robust online community.

“The thing that’s been most impressive hasn’t been what we’ve built, but has been the community.” – Dan Savage

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