Spectrum’s Military Hiring Mission – One Veteran at a Time

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Spectrum, the nation’s second largest cable operator, is on a mission to hire veterans and military spouses.

Up until recently, recruiting and hiring veterans, National Guard members, Reservists, and military spouses has been done through an organic approach at Spectrum. Currently, 10% of its workforce has an affiliation to the military community.

Now, Spectrum is developing corporate initiatives to retain their military talent, even if you are a military spouse moving with your active duty service member to a new location. Their company culture is one that allows veterans and military spouses to thrive at Spectrum.

Listen in as Brian Armstrong, Manager of Military Programs and Recruitment at Spectrum, offers his advice on networking as a job seeker and discusses an innovative way to connect with his team on this episode of the HOH Sitrep podcast

Top Takeaways from “Spectrum’s Military Hiring Mission – One Veteran at a Time”:

1. As a former Marine who transitioned in 2015, Armstrong recommends that veterans invest in their transition out of the military.

“I feel like transition is like any other investment — what you put into it is what you get out of it. The more prepared you are, the better off you are going to be in the end.” – Brian Armstrong, manager of Military Programs and Recruitment at Spectrum

2. Do your research before networking with hiring managers at hiring events.

“If you’re interested in coming to Spectrum and you tell me, ‘Hey, I noticed that Charter Communications, your parent company, just purchased two other businesses’ and (mention) that we just launched Spectrum Mobile – that will gain my interest.” – Brian Armstrong, manager of Military Programs and Recruitment, Spectrum

3. Spectrum takes a holistic approach to supporting its military talent.

“Everyone’s familiar with the recruiting piece. We’re committed to offering viable careers to veterans and spouses. But, as a business, we have been looking at making sure that we have a culture that allows our veterans to thrive. We want to make sure that when you come to work for Spectrum that not only do you feel connected to your work, but that you know you’re valued.” – Brian Armstrong, manager of Military Programs and Recruitment, Spectrum

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4. Hey, military spouses, recruiters want to know about your volunteer work.

“Military spouses are the glue that keep our families together while we’re gone doing what our nation asks us to do. At Spectrum, we are very involved in our communities. (We know) our military spouses are used to volunteer work and being connected to the community. We want those individuals within our ranks.” – Brian Armstrong, manager of Military Programs and Recruitment, Spectrum

5. Job seekers can introduce themselves to Armstrong’s team by recording and uploading a digital introduction through Spectrum’s website.

“Essentially, tell us about yourself and we will reach out to you and have a conversation with you. Maybe we won’t be able to help you as far as placing you (with a job at Spectrum), but we’re excited to help you with a resume or even connect you with another business.” – Brian Armstrong, manager of Military Programs and Recruitment, Spectrum

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