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Northern Virginia MSEEZ

On April 1, 2019, the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes, in collaboration with the Northern Virginia Technology Council and the Veterans Employment Initiative, launched the Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone (MSEEZ) in Northern Virginia.

Established to connect military spouses with companies committed to hiring, MSEEZ are collaborative efforts among the local business, civic, and military communities that establish employment networks in municipalities around the country.

The NOVA MSEEZ is chaired by Erin Lester, senior director of transition services at Hope for the Warriors, and Aimee Stoddard, caregiver careers manager at Blue Star Families.

Target Goals

  • Hire
  • Train
  • Advocate


Coming soon!

Featured Local Resources for Military Spouses

The Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Professional Network (MSPN) provides military spouses with career development and networking opportunities in military communities around the world. An integral part of Hiring Our Heroes’ Military Spouse Program, MSPN will empower military spouses at a grassroots level year-round. Contact the National Capital Region network via emailFacebook, or LinkedIn.

MSEEZ Playbook

The MSEEZ Playbook is an overview of how the Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zones work and the best practices involved.

You'll understand why MSEEZ are important and you can download a worksheet to guide you through the process.

Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in your local Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone. Collectively, we will work to break down the barriers to identifying meaningful career opportunities for military families.

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A Program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation