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We Were a ‘Disrupter’ Before it was a Word

Join Medal of Honor recipient and Toyota Personal Branding Ambassador Sergeant Dakota Meyer and Hiring Our Heroes’ Liz O’Brien as they sit down with Jack McCarthy, Senior Recruiter-Military for CarMax, to discuss how CarMax has evolved its efforts to recruit and retain military veterans and spouses and embraced a military-ready company culture. Learn more about career opportunities with CarMax on their website.

We Were a ‘Disrupter’ Before it was a Word

1. Walking the Walk: Hiring Veterans and Military Spouses

“We’re not about just writing a check and walking away…It’s absolutely about the action, not just words and checks for us.” – Jack McCarthy

2. Real, sustainable military employment strategies start at home.

“For us, it was building a strategy we could accomplish and that was sustainable…we want to continue to be a part of helping to solve the [veteran and military spouse employment] challenge, so that requires a lot of internal communication. We started to communicate about the values, skills, and competencies that transitioning services members, veterans, as well as military spouses bring to the organization.” – Jack McCarthy

3. Soft skills make veterans standout candidates.

“We are absolutely a values-focused company in that we’re looking for the right people to do those jobs, not just the people that come in and can do the jobs, but we want teammates — people that are going to work well together. Teamwork is one of those competencies I was talking about and you have to do that in the military.” – Jack McCarthy

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A Program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation