Hiring Expo Success Story: Joseph Eytalis III, USAF

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Full Name: Joseph T. Eytalis III

Branch of Service: United States Air Force

Dates of Service: April 1992 – August 2013

Rank: E-6

MOS: 2T271 / 2T071

What Hiring Our Heroes event/program did you participate in and why did you choose to attend?

I attended the Atlanta Hiring Expo with the Atlanta Braves on August 2, 2017. My wife told me about the expo, that she heard from a friend whose husband is also a veteran and he planned to attend. I found the enrollment site and elected to post my resume with my registration. This turned out to be a very good idea.

What employment challenges were you facing and has this experience provided you with helpful solutions?

Immediately after retiring from the military, I attended college to complete my degree. I had a job “lined up” upon graduation, but that fell through. So, I began my job search. There were very few call backs. I then signed up for the expo and my current employer found my resume that I uploaded when I registered.

How has your military background/lifestyle and training played a role in preparing you for civilian employment? What military skills and experience gave you a competitive edge?

My military experience was quite varied and unpredictable. The long hours, relative autonomy, and leadership/followership skills I gained during my service have helped me be flexible and confident in the civilian sector.

What does it mean to have companies that are willing to invest in the military community?

There are plenty of productive years left for those who have retired from military service. It seems that without companies that make a point to hire veterans, it may be difficult to get into different civilian employment sectors as we have “lopsided” and often misunderstood experience.

The companies that take an interest in veteran employees also seem to take an additional effort in understanding the type of experiences we have and how they translate to the civilian side of things.

Overall, how would you describe the benefits you gained from attending this event?

I would describe the benefit of just signing up for the event as a HUGE success! My employer contacted me for an interview BEFORE the event took place. He found the resume that I posted and contacted me for an interview.

What would you say to individuals facing the same challenges that you did about participating in a Hiring Our Heroes Program?

There are only advantages to participating in an event with Hiring Our Heroes, and no disadvantages that I can see. I am currently employed by UPS, the same company that connected with me at the Hiring Our Heroes Expo in Atlanta. I really enjoy my new job.

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