Military Spouse

Economic Empowerment Zones

Working with a broad array of public and private sector supporters, MSEEZ foster collaboration among local stakeholders and work to identify opportunities as well as barriers to entry for military spouses seeking meaningful employment via the Hire, Train, and Advocate pillars.


Established to connect military spouses with companies committed to hiring, MSEEZ are collaborative efforts among the local business, civic, and military communities that establish employment networks in municipalities around the country.

MSEEZ communities address local military spouse unemployment and underemployment issues through the efforts of local working groups. These groups work to establish a range of local employment-related tools and resources to help tackle military spouse employment issues head-on. The working group members are in the local community and represent government, industry, or nonprofit organizations. The MSEEZ Playbook details best practices for working groups. View the Playbook »

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Since 2018, more than 20 Zones have been launched around the U.S.
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MSEEZ Playbook
The MSEEZ Playbook is an overview of how the Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zones work and the best practices involved.
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If you would like to share an open position to your local Military Spouse Professional Network (virtual for no affiliated MSPN or remote work opportunities), visit the MSPN Job posting system.
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