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Your Next Mission is Transition
  • Get leadership tips for a successful transition from retired U.S. Army CSM John Wayne Troxell, 3rd Senior Advisor to the Chairman
  • Learn how to be a “transformational person”
  • Draw inspiration from Sergeant Major Troxell’s story of his military career transition

RESOURCES: CSM Troxell’s Bio

Tactical Advice for Your Next Transition
  • Hear tips for networking your way to career success from the Honorable Patrick Murphy, 32nd Under Secretary of the Army
  • Explore actions that you can take to increase your chances for career opportunities
  • Learn how to plan your work and work your plan

RESOURCES: The Hon. Murphy’s Bio

Jumping Into Success
  • Learn the importance of self-discipline during difficult times from retired U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Ron Green, the 18th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
  • Hear why your military transition experience may be similar to skydiving
  • Review the positive qualities that veterans bring to a civilian workplace

RESOURCES: Sgt. Maj. Green's Bio

Plan to Make Your Military Transition a Success
  • Join retired U.S. Army Gen. John F. Campbell to hear about challenges that veterans face during their military transitions and learn tips for overcoming these challenges
  • Learn about common feelings that service members experience during the transition journey
  • Consider how your military training has prepared you to be a leader during challenging times

RESOURCES: Gen. Campbell's Bio

Leadership through Challenging Times
  • Learn about the four pillars of leadership from retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Carol Eggert
  • Draw inspiration from combat veterans
  • Identify strategies to help you regain your balance during challenging situations

RESOURCES: Brig. Gen. Eggert's Bio

Use Your Time Consciously To Be Your Best
  • Learn how a disciplined regime will help you achieve your goals from Medal of Honor recipient and retired U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Dakota Meyer
  • Get tips for building a small business
  • Use Resume Engine to translate military experience into skills

RESOURCES: Sgt. Meyer's Bio

Drive Your Future
  • Identify steps to drive your future in this unusual time from Bonnie Amos, former First Lady of the U.S. Marine Corps
  • Discover the mission of military spouses
  • Learn three ways to maximize your job search right now

RESOURCES: Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Programs

Learning To Be a Veteran
  • Re-learn how to adapt after transition with Sherman Gillums Jr., Chief Strategy & Advocacy Officer at AMVETS
  • Define and prioritize your needs to help you cope with transition and your future
  • Discover the four principles of purpose and happiness

RESOURCES: Sherman Gillums Jr.'s Bio

My Transition Experience: Lessons Learned from the Military to the Civilian Workforce
  • Listen to Tom Kastner's military transition story where he describes changing jobs four times before finding the right position at Wounded Warrior Project
  • Learn the importance of company culture
  • Understand the time commitment needed for a successful military transition

RESOURCES: Interviewing & Networking Resources | Wounded Warrior Project

Bridging Divides through Gratitude and Engagement
  • Learn about the mission of Operation Gratitude with Kevin Schmiegel
  • Discuss how volunteering can bridge the military-civilian divide
  • Hear how Operation Gratitude pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic

RESOURCES: Operation Gratitude

Opportunities for Student Veterans
  • Listen as Jared Lyon, National President & CEO of Student Veterans of America, explains how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted student veterans
  • Understand how student veterans outperform their civilian counterparts
  • Hear how student veterans can make an impact on their campuses and in their communities

RESOURCES: Economic Strategies for Student Veterans | Student Veterans of America | Student Veterans: Talent Hiding in Plain Sight

The Power of Networking
  • Listen as the Honorable Patrick Murphy, 32nd Under Secretary of the Army, provides insight on networking during your military transition
  • Understand the importance of networking for the job that you want, not the job that you currently have
  • Be confident about your skills and have courage to network with those you admire

RESOURCES: The Hon. Murphy’s Bio

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